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Improve communication, manage tasks, events, organize content, and boost employee engagement at cost effective on-premise / on-cloud intranet solution.

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Business worldwide have been enduring the immense profits united by deploying intranet software on premises. Deployed Creative Social Intranet software on premises with complete control, security, full customization and agility.

  • Fast deployment
  • Cost effective intranet solution
  • In-depth cutomizations
  • On demand support team

Creative Social Intranet cloud intranet solution is faster than other cloud softwares available on web. Loaded with the latest features, the Creative cloud intranet solutions are affordable, secure, trustworthy and boosts employee engagement for organisations that operate remotely.

  • Quick and easy
  • Scalable
  • Secured
  • Portable and accessible

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Creative is now ISO 27001 certified. Reliable, trusted, secured and Data protection.

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Latest Intranet Blogs
What is the significance of social and engagement features in intranets?

An intranet is a digital version of your company's physical space, where teams can meet and collaborate. Leadership no longer shouts into the void without any employee response or engagement.

How to Build a Social Intranet for Remote Workers?

87% of employees want to work remotely at least one day a week. Sixty-eight percent of Americans believe that the ideal work environment combines both remote work and on-site work.

Is Social intranet software still the right platform for your company?

Due to the fact that collaboration and knowledge sharing were key features of social intranet software, security and reach issues arose.

The goal of a interactive user interface design is to make an online communication a simple, fluid, intuitive and efficient as possible. This is why Creative speculates the need for a strong UI that is easy to understand yet attractive for the next gen of employees.

  • Ease of access
  • Maximising the user experience.
  • Increased employee enagement and retention
  • Increased productivity

The functionality of an intranet should be a key focus of an organisation while choosing an intranet solution. EVery organization performs differently and has its own process of operation. Customizing the intranet as per company proceedure and functionality should not be overlooked. Below are few points to explain the benefits of effective custom intranet software.

  • Easier navigation
  • Improved company culture
  • Applicable widgets
  • Brand awareness

Creative Social Intranet integrates easily with your favorite HRMS/HRIS/HCS, and single sign-on tools. Integrates with 60% of the most popular apps - G Suite, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Salesforce Sales Cloud, SharePoint.

  • Integrations with legacy applications eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords
  • Allows automatic login to company apps such as Microsoft, Google suite, SharePoint and corporate intranets.
  • It reduces the risk of accidental loss of password, account getting locked and increases company efficiency.
  • Reduces IT department workload.

Creative Social Intranet provides cost effective intranet on-premise and on-cloud intranet solutions. Investing in a cost effective intranet solution has various advantages, which are:

  • Cost effective intranet solution increases flexibility that allows employees to work with their preferred timezone, remotely and on-premise
  • Centent management is up-to-date, and company data is easily accessible.
  • Automation of repititive task reduces company OPEX cost

The structure and features of an intranet application improves employee internal communication. While selecting features for your company's intranet software, think first about your employees needs and the essence of your business.

  • All in one intranet platform boosting communication, collaboration, engagement and training.
  • Scalable on-premise intranet solution
  • Secured on-cloud intranet solution
  • Flexible hybrid intranet solution
  • Best of the breeds Social Networking features
  • Micro learning for online training of employees
  • MobileFirst UI
  • Employee appreciation features

To help realise digital workplace goals, reset your intranet strategy.

More employees are working remotely away from the office than ever before. An engaging, up-to-date digital workplace is no longer an option—it is a crucial tool for supporting your organisation's performance and objectives. Whether you return to work fully remotely, partially remotely, or in person, intranet software will assist you in planning. Before deploying any digital workplace an organisation must ask following questions and find an intranet solutionthat gives answer to these questions.

What is the contribution of your intranet to the broader digital workplace strategy?

Your intranet's purpose is to align employee needs with business value, and it should offer a contemporary workplace solution for desk and deskless workers.

Do our employees have access to the information they need, when and where they need it?

In today’s knowledge-based economy, information management is critical. Too many organizations are still struggling to keep their shared drives, desktops, and SharePoint sites from exploding, which has caused information to become scattered.

Investing in an intranet: can you afford not to?

It takes time to find the best solution or provider, build and roll out a business case, and maintain and evolve your intranet to ensure it continues to meet your company’s needs. Senior leaders are usually reluctant to buy-in to the idea because they believe it takes too long to maintain and evolve their intranet. It may be a matter of if you can afford not to when weighing the advantages and disadvantages. If you answer no to even one or two of the following questions, you should install an intranet. An intranet can have huge benefits in terms of transforming how your company operates. You may also want to ask those who are expected to benefit if they do. An intranet can solve business problems or issues that you never knew existed, as well as long-term benefits for your company. To find out, speak to your employees.